How the system works

How does the Xpress Bill Pay system work?

Using our system is simply a matter of performing four main tasks: Upload your data to our server, notify your customers when their bills are ready, download the daily payment activity, and import the payments into your accounting software. Here's how easy it is to do:

1. Upload Your Data

Once per billing period, you upload the billing data from your software to Xpress Bill Pay's servers. We store that information in our database, and it allows us to display the bills online in the same format as your customers' printed statements.

To get your data to our server, you use the upload tool on our website. Just find the file on your computer system and click “Upload.” You can then verify that the data is formatted correctly before making the billing statements available online for your customers.

2. Notify Your Customers

Since your customers' email addresses are in our system, it's easy for you to send out notices letting them know their current bill is available at

We provide you with a tool to send email notifications from our website. Just type in the message, click on “Send Notification,” and your message is instantly sent to all the customers who have signed up for online bill payment.

3. Download the Daily Activity File

After the close of each day, you download the Daily Activity Report file, which contains all the payments from that day. This lets you automatically import the data into your accounting system. Best of all, no one has to manually input the payment information, saving many hours of work each day.

4. Import the Daily Payments

Open your accounting software or cash receipting package, select “Payment import,” browse to the Daily Activity file and select “Import.”