Case Studies

Utah City Saves Over $32,000 a Year

The city of Lehi, Utah had been growing quickly and adding to its roster of utility customers. That was putting a strain on the existing staff, who had to process all the utility payments.

To handle the increasing work load, the city needed to hire another full-time billing person. With salary, benefits and overhead, this would have cost Lehi over $32,000 a year.

Instead, the city decided on Xpress Bill Pay's online bill payment system which was set up at a fraction of the cost of hiring another full-time employee. With online bill payment, there was no need for more staff, saving the city at least $32,000 a year.

And as Lehi keeps growing, Xpress Bill Pay's system will easily scale up to handle the added customers, saving the city even more money by reducing the need for additional billing personnel.

Springville Eliminates Several Hours of Daily Data-Entry Work

The city of Springville, Utah had been accepting credit card payments online from its customers. But while the credit card information was collected online, city employees still had to input all that data manually into their accounting system. That was taking them several hours every day.

When they switched over to Xpress Bill Pay's system, they eliminated the need to enter that data by hand. Instead, they now just download the Daily Activity file from Xpress Bill Pay and import the payment data into their accounting system.

Monday mornings are no longer filled with trying to catch up on entering the weekend payments from their customers, because what used to take hours is now done in just seconds.