Benefits for Merchants / Organizations

Benefits of Online Bill Pay

Many customers today are demanding that their cities and utility companies offer online bill payment. It's more convenient, it saves times, and they don't have to find a stamp when it's time to pay their bills.

Organizations that offer online bill payment also enjoy huge benefits. They can reduce the number of staff needed for processing payments, they save money, they experience fewer late payments, and they improve customer relations by offering more payment choices.

Xpress Bill Pay is the easiest way for you to offer online bill payment to your customers. We set it all up for you, we maintain the system on our secure servers, and we integrate smoothly with your existing accounting software.

How Xpress Bill Pay Benefits Your Organization

  • The entire Xpress Bill Pay system is web based; you don’t install any software or hardware.
  • Significantly reduce the hassle and time required for billing
  • The city can receive payments for all kinds of transactions from utilities to court payments, recreational fees, licensing fees, etc.
  • 12 month customer history
  • Send customers an email when an electronic fund transfer doesn't have sufficient funds
  • Electronic fund transfers are deposited electronically – paper receipts are not sent to the city to be keyed in by hand
  • The city can send email messages to users
  • Daily payments are updated automatically to the customers account, city personnel don’t have to enter any bank bill pay statements by hand
  • Ability to edit customers bills
  • Data is updated each day
  • Payments and transactions are immediate, this provides real time information
  • Real time information is always synchronized with your accounting system and can be used to manage shut-off day
  • Transferred funds have a zero-day settlement-they are withdrawn from the customer and deposited in city bank account the same day
  • The city can work with their current bank, funds are passed directly form the Merchant Account to the city’s bank account
  • All payments are reconciled by payment type (credit card and EFT) for easy, daily bank reconciliation
  • The “returned check” report alerts city administrators if any check has been returned
  • World class technical support within hours, email and toll free telephone

How the Xpress Bill Pay Benefits Your Customers

  • They receive their bills electronically – bills are easy to view, understand and pay online.
  • Convenience – your customers can pay with credit card, debit cards or electronic funds transfer, they save time, money and avoid late fees.
  • Never miss a payment again – with Auto Pay customers can set up automatic or recurring bill payments by credit card, debit card, savings and checking account.
  • Secure online payment system – all transactions use the same security technology as the leading online banking and financial institutions.
  • Customer can choose the day they want the funds pulled from their account.
  • The financial transaction happens the day the customer identifies; this gives them same day settlement.
  • Information is retained so new screens are populated with customers information; they are not required to re-key their data each time.

Xpress Bill Pay makes it effortless for your customers to pay bills online

  • They log in to our secure website and view their bill, which is displayed in the same familiar format as the paper version.
  • They select a payment option, enter their information for credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer, and they're done.
  • They can print a receipt after completing the transaction, as well as receive an email receipt for added confirmation.

Xpress Bill Pay also allows your customers to see up to a full year's history of their accounts. This makes it easy for them to compare this month's usage to a year ago, so you get fewer calls from customers about an increase in utility usage that's normal for the season.

More Benefits of Using Xpress Bill Pay

With our system, you have access to all your customers’ bills online — even those who have not signed up for online bill payment — so you can take payments over the phone or from walk-in customers, by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

This eliminates another problem. Customers who are late on a payment can no longer complain that they can't come in to pay in person, and they can't delay payment by offering to mail a check.

Instead, they give their credit card number or checking account number over the phone, one of your staff enters the online payment for them, and the payment shows up instantly.

You can track payments with the Payments Report, which gives you real-time data that you can view online or print. Just select a single day or a range of dates to see which payments have been made for that time period. You can even watch in real time as a customer makes a payment online.

You can also view a complete history of any customer's billing and payment record, which makes it easy for you to handle questions about their current or past bills.

Unlike other online bill payment companies, Xpress Bill Pay created a complete online bill payment solution.  The focus of our attention is to provide your organization with a rich administrative interface for complete management of your customers that use the Xpress Bill Pay service.