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ASD Professional Development
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Cost: $35.00

This is for anyone that has not yet paid for a PD class and has been emailed. Please make sure you state if you are a resident or non-resident and what class you are paying for.

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Terms and Conditions


  1. Visitors of all ages are inappropriate. Only registered participants may attend classes.
  2. Be on time. Class will start on time and resume on time following breaks. Be in your seat ready to start.
  3. Be in class. Credit and materials will only be given for 100% attendance. Do not plan other activities that will require you to leave early or come late to class.
  4. Be prepared. Be aware of materials you may need and bring them with you.
  5. Be on task. Be a participant in what is happening in class. Activities not related to the professional development work such as grading papers, preparing lesson materials, knitting, fly tying, writing letters, talking on cell phones, and other similar activities are inappropriate. Cell phones should be turned off during class time. Grades will be based on level of participation and quality of work.
  6. Be supportive. Remember the instructor is a professional colleague.
  7. Be complete. University credit and state lane change credit will require work to be completed outside of class. Failing to meet the requirements of the course will result in credit being withheld. If college course work is not turned in an incomplete (I) grade will appear on the transcript which reverts to an (F).


In Consideration of Alpine School District granting permission to the undersigned the right to participate in the above activity, I hereby waive all claims for damage or loss to my person and property which may be caused by any act, or failure to act, of Alpine School District, its officers, agents, volunteers, or employees in connection with the above-named activity. I assume the risk of all dangerous conditions that may be involved in participating in the above-named activity and waive any and all specific notice of the existence of any such condition.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions