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Online Court Citations
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  Your citation number is usually located at the upper right hand corner of your citation. The number will often be in red ink.
> Not all citations are eligible for payment online.
> If you cannot locate your citation here, please contact the court.
  • It can take up to 30 DAYS for the court to receive your ticket and open a case for payment.
  • Please read payment information on the back of your citation. 
  • Please enter your 5 digit citation number preceded by an "M": example "M#####"
  • Please note that by paying this ticket you are assuming guilt for the citation.
  • If the amount due does not reflect the amount you believe you owe, please contact the court at 970-871-8277.


There is evidence available in your case. This could include: a copy of your ticket with any officer notes, police reports, witness statements, photos, videos (body camera, dash camera, store surveillance), etc.

You have a right to:
   - Receive a copy of the evidence
   - Review the evidence before paying your ticket or accepting an offer in your case; and
   - Request a later court date for time to receive and review evidence.

**If you want a copy of the evidence, please email the prosecutor at**