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  1. I, (Name), declare that I represent the corporation and that the officers of (Home Builder Corporate Name), have authorized me to sign and enter into this agreement for, and on behalf of, said corporation;
  2. On behalf of the officers of the aforesaid corporation, I further declare that the corporation is in the business of construction of new homes in the Green Valley area;
  3. To facilitate our obtaining approval for water service at the above new home construction sites, and to comply with the Arizona Corporation Commission Codes, we do hereby agree to abide by and comply with all terms and conditions as approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, relating to the Application for Water Service as requested herein, and further agree that we will be responsible for payment of same at the approved rates;
  4. We further agree to maintain the plumbing at the above new home Construction site in compliance with the current edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code for Water System Safety.
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